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Couples Counseling

You're not alone -- couple relationships are hard and we can find ourselves acting in ways that surprise even ourselves. Want to end the cycle of fighting? Stuck on an important issue?  Tired of defensiveness and stonewalling? Just want to feel connection and love again?  
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Private Consultations

Don't have time to come to my office?  Need expert guidance on a particular issue? 
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Divorce Help

When one or both partners are leaning out of the relationship, sometimes couples counseling is too intense.  Discernment Counseling aids couples in the process of self-evaluation and marital evaluation without the pressure of fixing problems or themselves.  
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Relationship Expertise

Use my expertise: I've been working with couples and families for almost two decades and I have two Masters degrees including a Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy -- a marriage counseling specialty that only 12% of counselors and therapists obtain. Additionally, my education and my personal experience as a husband and father have sparked a passion in me for engaging couples as they work to make their relational life better.  

Get to Know Me

The research is not surprising: people who like their therapist usually gain from therapy.  I'll be paying attention in every session to make sure you feel respected and understood and that you feel good about the process. You won't find me occupying the moral high ground, playing tricks on you, or judging you.  I invite you to get to know me.  Maybe a free 20 minute consultation to ask questions will help you take the plunge into making your relational life better.

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I'm conveniently located near I-94 close to the intersection of Snelling and Selby so you might find it convenient to see me for marriage counseling in the St. Paul, Minneapolis, Minnesota Twin Cities metro.

Common Questions:

My partner won't come to therapy.  Can I still get help for my relationship?

One of us had an affair.  Is our relationship hopeless?

I think our relationship might be past repairing.  What's the point of therapy if one of us is leaning toward a divorce or break-up?

Does what we talk about in therapy remain confidential?


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