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Couples in Crisis: You're Not Alone.

Relationships are tough and we can find ourselves acting in ways that surprise even ourselves when things go wrong. So, you won't find me occupying the moral high ground, playing therapy tricks on you, or judging you. 

I'm marriage and relationship friendly, so I won't push you toward a crisis, a divorce or a break-up.  As it is 50% of marriages end in divorce and upwards of 65% of second marriages end in a break-up, so if you have hopes and dreams for making things work, 
I'll be behind you 100%.  The vast majority of couples who work with me, find healing and peace in their relationships - often faster than they expect.

If you aren't sure if saving your relationship is what you want, that's okay too.  I won't judge you or make it my mission to convince you otherwise.  Some people in such a situation find Discernment Counseling to be a helpful route to greater self and relationship understanding.
Couples Counseling

90% of the Time Things are Great
But the 10% is Killing You?

You're not in crisis and you are deeply committed to your partner and generally you've got a great relationship, but 10% of the time things get painfully off track.  Sounds pretty normal, right? No doubt about it -- and Couples Counseling is great for people who want to take the rough edges off their relationship, finally make progress on worn out old arguments, 
or end the cycle of tiring dead end interactions.  

A relationships expert is especially needed when a couple's problems are nuanced and part of old engrained patterns.  Less than 12% of therapists have the relationships training that a Marriage and Family therapist is schooled in. Couples who see me notice right away that Couples Counseling isn't run of the mill Mental Health therapy.  Couples therapy requires more than a passive, caring listener.  I'll be engaging, active, practical and comfortable with the intensity and pace of your relationship so that you won't leave a session with me wondering "what use" it was -- and you can rest assured that you are getting the personal attention that a solo private therapy practice provides.
Couples Counseling

Divorce Help

If you're in a place where it's really doubtful that your relationship can work, but you want to make sure you are making the best decision and not merely acting out of resentment and hurt, Discernment Counseling can help you move forward in way that feels clear headed and wise.
Often when one or both partners are leaning out of the relationship, sometimes couples counseling is just plain too intense and asks for too much trust and willingness to change.
 Discernment Counseling aids couples in the process of self-evaluation and marital evaluation 
without the pressure of fixing problems or themselves.  Some couples move on to Couples Counseling after a period of Discernment.  Others decide to end the relationship.  In either case, Discernment Counseling helps couples take their next step with more confidence and a clearer sense of what they want in a satisfying relationship.
Discernment Counseling

Get to Know Me

The research is not surprising: people who like their therapist usually gain from therapy.  I'll be paying attention in every session to make sure you feel respected and understood and that you feel good about the process. You won't find me occupying the moral high ground, playing tricks on you, or judging you. It's not my place to tell you who you are compatible with or if your relationship is "good enough" -- so you needn't worry that I'll push you into a crisis or a break-up.
 I invite you to get to know me.  Maybe a free 20 minute consultation to ask questions will help you take the plunge into making your relational life better.

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